Welcome to the official Bluepoint Institute alumni bulletin board and Bluepoint Linux Users Elite (BLUE) forum on the Internet.

We have just shifted to a new version of MAJ - bliki/bb/ml2bb modifications will be pushed live one at a time until we reach a comfortable level of efficiency.

Check back often for code and package repositories, articles, featured Bluepointers, special interest groups, and bi-directional mailing list to bulletin board integration.
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Monday, Nov 27, 2006, 7:40 PM
Welcome to BETA!

This facility is under constant development, so feel free to poke around and tell us if anything breaks.

Ideally, everyone should comply with RFC1855 in order to maintain membership.

If you find RFC1855 a long read, or you are non-standards compliant, simply observe the following Do's and Don'ts:

• Do check if your post will duplicate existing entries.
• Do read posts completely before submitting comments.
• Do use proper capitalization, spacing, and punctuation.
• Do use an appropriate post subject or title.
• Do post or comment intelligently.
• Do quote only what is relevant to your reply.
• Do ask smart questions.
• Do include as much information as you can when seeking help.
• Do wait for others to reply to your posts.
• Do wait for your comments to be approved.
• Do acknowledge members who reply to your posts.
• Do thank members for any help you receive.
• Do keep all posts on-topic.
• Do NOT create multiple accounts.
• Do NOT upload or link pornographic and pirated materials.
• Do NOT use pornographic avatars!
• Do NOT use false or misleading personal information.
• Do NOT use SMS language.
• Do NOT discuss illegal activities.
• Do NOT spam, bait, flame, troll, or start holy wars.
• Do NOT swear, curse, name-call, nitpick, ridicule, threaten, or use offensive language.

Registered members may comment on existing posts but may not post new topics yet (ro). Posting (rw) and file attach (upload) privileges will be granted to moderators, SIG heads, team leaders, contributors, and deserving members as determined by the community.
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